Larders From Eaton Kitchen Designs

Larders are the perfect way to store non perishable foodstuffs, all easy to see and reach.

Each feature soft-stop closing, spacious shelves, an adjustable frame, full extension runners and a generous load capacity to store lots of shopping.

Milbourne Almond

900mm high tandem larder pull-out

This handy sized tandem larder offers plenty of storage

Avant Almond

Tandem larder

Quick and easy access to all items

remo Alabaster

Pull-out larder

Maximum storage in minimal space

remo Alabaster

Midi tandem larder

Giving the convenience of larder storage above a run of drawers.


Remo White

Midi pull-out larder

All the convenience and easy access of a larder pull-out but in a shorter unit.


Remo White

Swing larder

Swings left or right for effortless access.