How To Guides
From Eaton Kitchen Designs

These plainly written articles give you expert advice on key things to consider when planning your new kitchen.

Choosing a kitchen worktop

Worktops should be hardwearing and practical but they can also be used to add colour, texture and interest to any scheme.

Choosing kitchen appliances

When it comes to choosing kitchen appliances, consider your lifestyle carefully to ensure you get the best kitchen kit for your needs.

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Building a kitchen extension

Building a kitchen extension is a great way of creating extra space and potentially adding value to your home at the same time.

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Lighting a kitchen

Good lighting is crucial to a successful kitchen scheme and needs to be planned right from the start.

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Designing a small kitchen

A compact kitchen can be stylish and practical with careful planning and space-saving solutions.

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Kitchen storage options

The key to a clutter-free kitchen is to invest in space-saving storage.