Bedrooms From Eaton Kitchen Designs Wolverhampton

Here are just some of our wide range of bedrooms on offer there's sure to be something that suits you and your lifetstyle. We have contemporary bedrooms, classic bedrooms and traditional bedroms. But what they all have in common is that our fitted bedrooms are manufactured to exacting standards and designed and planned for your home by independent experts. With such a choice of bedroom designs and the help of a knowledgeable expert you're on the way to your perfect bedroom.

Rialto Rift Oak

Rialto's linear block pattern gets a contemporary look with five frosted glass panes. The striking texture of Rift Oak sets the mood for a dramatic room.

Wave High Gloss Jasmine

Recreate an art deco theme with curved doors. The calm tone of High Gloss Jasmine is highlighted using the unique rippled surface of Wave style.

Premier Tobacco

The dark moody Tobacco cabinets can be complimented with equal success using either contrasting High Gloss Vanilla Doors or the extra impact of quattro glazed doors.

Milbourne Almond

Premier Sambesi

The dynamic duo, dark and daring. Be adventurous and mix sleek black gloss with exotic Sambesi woodgrain to create a dramatic effect.

Avant Almond

Premier Grey Avola

Grey Avola has hidden depths of creams and browns to complement many decor styles. With cutting edge curved doors, this comination succeeds whether at work, rest or play.

remo Alabaster

Scoop Portofino Cherry

The stylish handles scooped into the door edges combined with straight woodgrain, make Portofino Cherry the ideal choice for the practical urban look.

Milbourne Almond

Geneva Walnut

Rich warm tones, perfectly balanced with designer features, ensure that Walnut leads the way in current decor trends.

Avant Almond

Harmony Beech

Integrated sleep, study and storage space, this simple grooved pattern in best-selling Beech colour is ideal for any bedroom from child to adult.

remo Alabaster

Millenium Sandy Birch

Follow the crowd or set the trend. Sandy Birch easily fits in with your chosen style, the boldly rounded edges of the Millenium doors adding impact and vitality.

Milbourne Almond

Chester Mainau Birch

The pastel background of Mainau Birch allows you freedom to express your own individuality.

Avant Almond

Eclipse White Text

Let your vibrant colours be reflected in full length bevelled edged mirrors set into simply stated cool white doors.

remo Alabaster

Shaker White Avola

A classic room with a fireplace and bay window is brought up to date with a contemporary shaker style in White Avola woodgrain.

Milbourne Almond

Glendale Vanilla Text

For individually shaped rooms, the classic simplicity of Glendale creates a perfectly fitted environment with its own personality.

Avant Almond

Melbury Lyon

Features such as fretted window panes, bevelled edged mirror doors and thick pillasters combined with the opulent woodgrain of Lyon gives the essence of grandeur in this setting.

remo Alabaster

Kielder Montana Oak

The timeless look of oak, perfectly matched to a finely patterned door, creating a classic elegance and style that everyone can feel at home with.

Milbourne Almond

Ashford Maple

Ashford maple provides the fully fitted bedroom look, with neutral tones and traditional sculptured doors. The light woodgrain is highlighted by soft illuminated alcoves.

Milbourne Almond

York Swiss Pear

Sweeping curves blended with the natural tones of pearwood create a relxing space.